Fourth Class

Our 3rd session (Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) with TinkerCAD) ended up taking 2 classes mainly because of the unexpected time it took to get all the kids logged into the computers (twice – first with their district Windows account, then with their individual TinkerCAD accounts I created). Additionally a few of the computers in the lab had some software issues that kept us from running TinkerCAD on them (including the teacher’s computer that was connected to the projector, which made it impossible for me to demonstrate the steps). Next time around, I will be better prepared for these issues.

Our Fourth class (3D Printing) went great, and I expect it was likely the favorite class thus far for the kids. We split the group up into 2 groups of 10 and while one group was learning about 3D printing with me and watching a demonstration, the other group was picking out their 3D printed parts of the robot. I have busily been printing up parts for the last 3 weeks and now had 25 sets of assorted colors (red, yellow, pink, purple, green, blue, brown and black) over 240 parts in total!

In addition to picking out their parts, each student cleaned them up with a ‘de-burring’ tool to remove any defects or strings left over from printing and weighed them with a scale so that they can calculate the cost of material in the next class where we use Google Sheets to create a Bill of Materials (BOM).


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