Parts coming in…

Parts have been coming in from my bulk orders from China. Most of these were ordered on

The batteries came in last week. Ordering in bulk does not mean you get less packaging… the batteries came in a case of 40 batteries, each with one box inside another and out of 40 batteries about 8 of them don’t appear to either hold a charge or deliver power. I guess that’s what you get for $2 5V 2200mAH batteries (#yougetwhatyoupayfor).

Let’s hope I have less fall-out with the Ardiuno’s which also came in today. I will wait for the HC-05 Bluetooth to serial modules and test them together. I opted to use a $2 Ardino Nano plus an HC-05 Bluetoother to serial module instead of the $15 Bluno Beetle that I used when I built one of these this summer beacuse of a) $5 vs $15 keeps the student cost down and b) the HC-05 is standard bluetooth which is supported on a much wider range of phones than than the Bluetooth 4.0 Bluno Beetle.


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