We will now review the various aspects of the robot from a design perspective. What worked well, and what didn’t? How about the BlocklyBot program… what features would you like to see added?

It would be fairly simple to add arms to the MobBob robot, but probably fairly difficult to add hands and grippers without scaling things up a bit. It may also be easy to add simple buzzers and sensors, but then the smartphone really has everything you need.

I will continue to develop the BlocklyBot application and unlock new features that the student can try at home. The application will be available for free on the Google Play store and I will blog when I’ve updated it.

I also plan to write a web-based version of the BlocklyBot app which will allow designing applications using Blockly and/or javascript on a web-browser (ie a computer with a larger monitor and keyboard) which can sync up with the BlocklyBot app running on the device with the Bluetooth connection to the Robot.