A 10 session 1-hour a session course is envisioned. The concept of the course is less about programming a robot or building a kit and more about the various aspects that go into a home made robot with a focus on:

  • using low-cost readily available components
  • re-using old things: Android phones as the ‘head’ of the robot
  • 3D printing parts, some of which are custom designed to fit the users need using bio-degradable corn-starch based PLA plastic
  • making things work vs being handed perfectly manufactured parts: students will have to use a hand-drill to open up holes in plastic and some other tools to de-burr plastic edges and likely even some good old double-stick tape
  • learn-by-doing: Students will have the chance to assemble their own robot using provided tools (screwdrivers, hand-held jewelers drill, soldering (with supervision))
  • group based learning: Students will work in groups of 4 to 5 helping each other and inspiring each other