Welcome to the STEM Robotics site. This site is dedicated to the 5th and 6th grade after school STEM Robotics project at Shell Beach Elementary School in Pismo Beach California.

  • The following are the learning objectives of the program:
    • Planning and design
  • Overview of bill of materials components
  • Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
    • Each student will learn how to design a simple object using Tinkercad (free online browser based CAD).
  • 3D printing
    • We will explore the aspects of 3D printing and use a 3D printer to print the part the student designed.
  • Servo Motors
    • We will learn about inexpensive (<$2) servo motors used in remote control vehicles and how we can use 4 of them to create a biped robot. Students will create the fundamental steps (or algorithm) for moving forward, backward, and turning using 4 joints (2 hips, 2 feet)
  • Assembly of robotic elements, including wiring, soldering, and hard construction
  • Software programming utilizing Blockly (hour of code)
    • Blockly is a visual programming language created by Google and based off of MIT’s Scratch. If your student has participated in the free on-line ‘Hour of Code’ they have learned and used Blockly.


Bill of Materials of the Mobbob robot (<$30):

  • $4 – Arduino Nano Micro-controller
  • $5 – HC-05 Bluetooth Master/Slave serial board
  • $10 – 5V 1A 2200mAH USB rechargeable battery
  • $8 – 4x 9G servos


If you have any old, used, but still functional Android phones please consider donating them so that students without Android/spare devices can participate. Contact harvey.tim@gmail.com for details.